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If the patient does not have any teeth, dentures are made, which will allow him normal chewing, facilitate proper speech and help with the aesthetic side.


We offer all types of dental prostheses and together we will for you to choose adequate, depending on the indication and your needs and wishes. Your choice can be:

  • Composite and ceramic veneers - the ideal solution for a better appearance to the teeth, who is disturbed about something, in cracks, discoloration, gaps between teeth, etc.
  • The composite and core - to offset teeth with root preserved.
  • Cast post and core - at the destroyed crown, but strong and healthy roots.
  • Metal-ceramic crowns - for correction of shape, size, color or position of the teeth.
  • Metal-ceramic bridges - for lack of more teeth
  • Metal-free crowns and bridges - aesthetic and comfortable solution for the excluded.
  • Total and partial acrylic dentures - a great solution in cases where the patient is missing one or more teeth.
  • Full dentures with metal base - solid and long-lasting dentures.
  • Skeleton partial dentures (vizil, vironit) - comes to the prosthesis smaller size, and therefore more comfortable to wear and better aesthetic effect.
  • Denture with attachments - a common patient selection which is critical to their dental prosthetic restorations to be inconspicuous.
  • Valplast denture - flexible type of prosthesis, without wires, very good aesthetic effect.